I was in Carnaby Street with a couple of friends for a bit of shopping when we saw heaven in a corner!

After a very high level chat:

Me. “chocolate”
Friend G. “chocolate”
Friend J. “chocolate, I’m hungry”
Friend G. “Me too”
Me. “Get in”

Can I say that Choccywoccydoodah is the best place ever if you are a chocolate lovers  and dreamer like me.

How I get in, I felt inside to Hansel and Gretel house where everything around It was made with chocolate, from the communal bars to the amazing cakes.


Like Hansel and Gretel fairy tail, we shouldn’t leave without eat something so we headed upstairs to the cafè and a friendly girl show to us the table and then she cames with the menu.

Choccywoccydoodah London table

Choccywoccydoodah London menu

We spent a lot of time to decide which plate it was better for as and on the end, with a little advice from the waitress, we decide to try the “Dipping Pots”.

Choccywoccydoodah London dipping pod

Milk Chocolate Tiffin, White Chocolate and coconut tiffin, Toffee popcorn bars (in milk chocolate and white chocolate), Brownie, Blondie, Chocolate flapjack and Coconut macaroon, served with molten chocolate.

After them I didn’t eat chocolate for the next 3 days, but trust me guys that plate it was AMAZING!!!!


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