I passed days to stalking my friends holidays on the social network with jealous comments ” 😡 😡 😡 ” and now It’s my turn!!!

I’m back home in Italy to visit my parents and old friends to Portovenere (Ligurian). Here’s some Regional Specialities Foods

#1 Focaccia 


Ligurian focaccia has a crisp gold crust anointed with olive oil and salt, and a soft inner crumb.

Ligurians use to eat focaccia with every filling, in every occasion: for breakfast with the cappuccino, lunch , dinner or as snacks in the middle of the day.

My favorite is the filling focaccia with tomato, mozzarella and salad or ham, mozzarella and aubergine or stracchino and pesto.

#2 Trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans

trofie with pesto

It may seem odd to combine pasta and potatoes, but the result is GREAT!!!

Cooking tips:

# Bring water to rolling boil, add at least the potato slices, cook for about 5 minutes, or until potatoes have started to soften but are not cooked through

# Add green beans, and continue boiling another 5 minutes

#Add pasta. When it is done, and when potatoes and green beans are tender, drain and turn pasta and vegetables immediately into preheated bowl.

# Add pesto, and mix thoroughly.

#3 Farinata


farinata1Apparently those dish was create for accident in 1284 when the city of Genoa defeated the city of Pisa in the battle of Meloria.  On the way back, the Genoese ships were returning to Genoa when they were hit by a tempest.  Some olive oil and chickpea flour barrels broke, mixed and got wet with salty sea water.  After the tempest, the sailors did not have anything else to eat, so they put this mixture to dry in the sun and then ate it!

In 2015 farinata is a vegetarian savory cake, make with chickpea flour, water, salt, olive oil and baked in a wood oven.

I can say that the best way to eat this dish is spread stracchino (fresh cheese) or pesto.

#4 Pesto


If you don’t know, now you know 😉

For Ligurians, pesto is more than just a pasta sauce, It’s the base for most recipes like:

# Bake into bread

# Spread on a sandwich or flatbread

# Mix into salad dressing

# Smear on bruschetta

# Sause the meat

# Garnish a soup

At the moment from Ligurian that’s all ENJOY, or better, BUON APPETITO 😉


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