I shouldn’t believe to my eyes when I saw that the old petrol station on Shoreditch High Street is tourned into a food market.

Pump Shoreditch is opened since 14th May 2014 with only 5 different kiosks: Pulled Food, Hao Chili, Gourmet Griffin, Mama’s Jerk Station and Pomme A Terre.

Open everyday from 11am to 11pm, Pump, in more than 1 year, can count on 16 vendors and food for everyone: meat-lovers, vegetarian and also vegan.

pump shoreditch

What I’ve tried 

Wrap with stracchino (fresh italian cheese) and beef sausages (£6) from Picca.

Smoothy with cherry, blueberry, macadamia milk, beetroot, peanut butter and Blue poppy seeds (£4) from Huna Blend

wrap and smoothy

Pump is a nice place where you can relax with your friends for a meal or easily for a drink.


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