When you’re new to ClickFunnels, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I’ve already done and talked about the One Funnel Away Challenge, how it’s helped me to create and grow my business as an affiliate marketer and it’s time to go a bit deeper about what this challenge is about.

The reason why I keep talking about it is that it has been one of the best training so far for anyone who is stuck with their business, or doesn’t know what business to start in the first place.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge all about?

In general, every business which needs sales or leads will benefit from having a funnel.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day step by step training guide on having a successful funnel. You get to learn from three coaches- Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen and ClickFunnels CEO and Co-Founder Russell Brunson.

Going through the challenge is not easy. The challenge is hosted by the FunnelHacker Community where you get to directly interact with other people taking the challenge and get the motivation to complete each day’s lessons and homework.

The homework will take you through the concepts you’ve learned that day, the training, the funnel strategy and the detailed ‘how to’ of building a plan that works. You’ll understand how to put that theory into practice.

What The One Funnel Away Challenge Will Teach You

The secret to generating sales online are into those three simple steps:

  1. Get someone’s attention with a hook.
  2. Tell them a story that builds belief, emotion, and trust.
  3. Offer something absolutely irresistible that they have no choice but to purchase.

The reason why you are unable to not have enough sales online yet is because you suck at one of these things.

So if you’re looking for a way to succeed online, so that you can earn some extra cash, or quit your day job, or grow your existing business, you need to master these 3 things: the hook, the story and the offer.

If you have already a product or service but not making any money, Russell and his team will teach you exactly what you need to do to attract your dream customers and make them pull out their credit cards.

On the other hand, if you absolutely do not have any product or service in mind, you can even become an affiliate of ClickFunnels. They have an amazing affiliate program that I would strongly recommend you look into if you don’t have a product or service to sell. With ClickFunnels, the commission is 40%. Not only that, but it is also reoccurring! The cool thing is that they are giving away an Affiliate Bootcamp training that is worth $2000 for FREE if you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. So, not having a business is not an excuse for not taking the challenge!

The Challenge Structure

There are 5 weeks worth of lessons in the challenge.

Here’s a map of the entire challenge:


  • Pre-Challenge Week – Get to know what you are afraid of, Mindset and self-confidence, Belief in yourself.
  • Week 1:Focusing on product offers – how to create pages in a funnel. “Funnel Hacking”, reviewing, taking notes, model. How to generate products QUICKLY: Public Domains, PLR. Have knowledge on “Hook, Story, Offer,” and offer sequencing.
  • Week 2:Importance of publishing, design/images for your products and resources, the “Epiphany Bridge”, developing your personal, authentic “Origin Story”, generate “Hooks” from the origin of your story.
  • Week 3: Core funnel strategy,  setting up your ClickFunnels share funnel, setting up the squeeze page, setting up the offer page.
  • Week 4:Traffic and promotion

What Is Included In The One Funnel Away Starter Kits?


The Challenge Book

This is a physical bound copy of the award winning “One funnel away challenge workbook”. Designed to give you 30 days worth of tasks to help you learn how to create the perfect sales funnel for your business. The reason why this is number 1 on our list because just how effective the results can be if you follow the 30 day plan.

30 Day Summit

Coming in second on our list, the 30 day summit access provides nothing but clarity and opens your eyes to the possibilities of a well tuned funnel. Basically it provides 30 in depth interviews of those who answered the question of what would you do in 30 days if you “Suddenly lose everything”, Leading onto our 3rd on our list of what’s in the box.

30 Days Dot Com Book

This is a deconstructed breakdown of each interview in the 30 day summit by the founder of clickfunnels, Russell Brunson. This step by step plan allows you to better understand and visualise how others have reached the 2 comma club through clickfunnels.

MP3 Player

Containing all the audio recordings of Russell Brunson’s daily trainings. These 30 recordings make for a quality ‘audio book’ that helps you further understand what you need to do to become the next big name through Clickfunnels.

It also comes with many online digital products that include access to their exclusive Facebook group that only members of the 30 days challenge have access too.

Extra Tips From Me

I went through a lot of different courses, but the One Funnel Away Challenge was the best. I had so many ‘aha’ moments that I was then able to apply immediately to my own affiliate business.

Just make sure to have enough time to go though the challenge as you need at least 1 or 2 hours per day!!

To go though the challenge I had to drastically cut my evening hour on Netflix but is definitely worth it.

If you arrive on the end of this long post… you deserve a special treat. Here is the funnel I create while I was doing the One Funnel Away Challenge, I just put some extra bonus for you if you sign up via the link 😉