Which social media platforms should you focus on? Where is your target hanging out? Each social media platform is different and serves a different purpose… and therefore attract a different type of person.


The primary purpose of Facebook is to establish credibility and share shareable content. In general, it’s split pretty evenly between males and females. And unless your demographic is under the age of 18, Facebook pretty much serves everybody! I highly recommend using your Facebook Like Page and create a Facebook group for your brand over a personal page, Facebook is meant to be personal. However, think of Facebook as a more polished version of you and your brand. I wouldn’t share the same raw, unedited, behind the scenes version on Facebook as I would on Snapchat or Instagram stories.

People use Facebook both to connect on a personal level but also to consume content that is helpful, solves a problem and is shareable on any topic. No matter what your niche or what kind of Lifer you’re trying to attract, almost everyone is on Facebook.



It’s a great place to network with people for business connections or business to business connections primarily for people between the ages of 18 and 50, which is a wide range. LinkedIn is the perfect place to share niched content and establish your expertise.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook; however, people use it in a very different way. It’s a very visual platform – think inspiration, tips and information, motivation, and providing content in a visual, polished way. While your Instagram stories, live streams, and videos on IG TV can be more real and unedited, the feed is very polished and intentional, like that of a magazine. In general, Instagram has a younger demographic that uses it as a way to consume information in very niched topics as well as find out about products.

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YouTube is HUGE. It’s owned by Google, so obviously, it’s a great place for searchable content.

When you go to YouTube, most of us are going there because we’re searching for something other than cute cat videos. We’re searching for how to’s, tutorials, how to learn something, a product review. Sometimes entertainment and music, but most often, we’re going to YouTube because we want to figure something out. If you’re in the business of educating people, coaching, helping people to become more and transform, YouTube is a fantastic place for you to develop your content.

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Pinterest is purely visual. If you want to help people with tutorials or you have something to sell or a physical product, you’ve got to get on Pinterest. Jewelry, makeup, how-to’s, ideas for staging homes, flowers and all things that can be showcased from a visual standpoint need to be on Pinterest.

Pinterest is fast. There’s not much community building going on there, but if used correctly, you could take someone directly from a photo that they love of your product to a sale. You can actually sell directly on Pinterest. Guys, don’t assume that Pinterest is just for the ladies. While the demographic is skewed heavily towards female, there’s a rising percentage of men who are using Pinterest for recipes and infographics. If you can attract customers with a visual representation of what it is you offer, Pinterest is the place I really want you to look at.

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The purpose of Twitter is to have quick dialog. Those tweets disappear very, very quickly. Of course, Twitter is evolving, but at the moment, it is skewed towards the younger demographic. We’ve seen sports celebrities, TV celebrities, and reality stars and a much younger demographic gravitating towards Twitter. The best use for Twitter is quick information, little sound bites. You can convey who it is you are, your values, your virtues, and information in very few characters.

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