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3 reason to love London in Christmas time

London comes alive at Christmas time and the city turn into a festive makeover.

During this period, I love to get lost in the city full of lights, christmas trees, winter markets and good vibes. Continue reading “3 reason to love London in Christmas time”


#iBlogBecause is a campaign on Thunderclap create by @JohnRdtoVol to spread the love in the blogging community.

So when John asked me to take part of this campaign, I couldn’t say no!!!


Continue reading “#iBlogBecause”

Happy birthday to me to London

If You are thinking that today is my birthday, You are WRONG, I was born in June, but I like to think of the 19th of August as my rebirth because exactly Today, 3 years ago, I landed to Stansted with a couple of small luggages and big dreams.

Like a proper Birthday it’s time for presents!!! Continue reading “Happy birthday to me to London”

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