I’ve tried at least a dozen of different times to write a fabulous “about me” section, first in Italian, then in English then in Italian again and at last I choose this version.

 My name is Fabio. I was born in a small village of 900 people in Italy.  I’m interested in Communication, Marketing and New Media and I also  love travelling, films, music and, like a proper Italian, obviously food.


 I’ve moved to Florence in 2006 to study Marketing and Communication  at the University of Florence.

As I knew Italy was in the midst of the worst recession, after grad: Ryanair website => All Destinations => London 19,99 => depart in 10 days => Buy Now!!!

Since 2012 I’m living a fabulous life here or better A Fabiolous Life in one of the most beautiful, multiethnic and dynamic city of the world: LONDON.

in my way


Lots of grammar errors for sure but try to understand, English is not my first language, I’m still improving it.

Anything else you’ll discover it by following my blog 😉